Dog bites can cause serious injuries and significant emotional trauma, particularly when the victims are young. When dog bites occur, Nevada victims may consider legal action in the form of a personal injury claim against the dog owner. As with any type of personal injury claim, it is important to understand what factors go into determining liability and fault with these types of accidents. 

When considering who is financially liable for a dog bite incident, negligence is the main factor that is considered. Nevada does not have a state statute regarding dog bites, but counties and cities may have strict ordinances regarding pet ownership. If a dog owner demonstrates a lack of common care or violates an animal control ordinance, these actions could be defined as negligence. 

A victim of a dog bite is typically able to prove that a person is liable for his or her injuries through negligence or intent, breaking a local ordinance or some intersection of the two. Validating evidence can include photos of bite injuries, medical bills and eyewitness accounts. This can be a complex process, making it essential to have the assistance of a Nevada lawyer who understands personal injury law related to dog bite attacks. 

Victims of dog bites should not be discouraged from seeking help. When a dog is off a leash or allowed to run loose or unsupervised, it can lead to devastating consequences, such as serious bites or ferocious attacks. It is possible that the dog owner could be liable for damages, but it is always beneficial to seek a professional evaluation. An attorney can review and assess the underlying facts and offer advice and assistance as to the best manner in which to proceed. 

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