A pedestrian accident can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death. The serious nature of these types of accidents should motivate drivers to be cautious and vigilant, yet both fatal and nonfatal pedestrian accidents are a continuing problem in Nevada. A pedestrian accident can potentially result in medical bills, loss of income and other monetary damages, all of which can place a significant financial strain on a family. 

One of the main causes of a pedestrian accident is distracted driving. With the increase in cell phone use among drivers, texting and driving is a major contributing factor in fatal pedestrian accidents. In Reno, over 1,000 pedestrian accidents within a 10 year period suggest that distracted driving will likely continue to plague our roadways for years to come. 

It has been noted that increasing awareness of the dangers of cell phone use while driving may help decrease the numbers of these types of accidents. Road signage and increased police presence may also help, but this does not diminish driver responsibility. When the actions of a driver ultimately cause physical harm to a pedestrian, that driver may face claims for financial responsibility for damages caused. 

When a person is injured or killed in a Nevada pedestrian accident, the victim and/or family may consider seeking a case evaluation from a experienced attorney. This may help determine exactly what caused the particular accident, such as distracted driving, as well as establish specific legal options for the victims. Victims may be eligible for recompense for expenses that have accrued due to the accident, including emotional pain and suffering. 

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