When motor vehicle accidents involve bicycles, they can cause serious damage and detrimental injuries. It is not uncommon for victims of these motor vehicle accidents to be left with disfiguring injuries and unable to work. When bicycle accident injuries cause pain and suffering, you could be eligible for financial compensation. 

Victims of bicycle accidents commonly suffer from head injuries, back injuries and broken bones. They can also suffer road rash, amputations, scarring and traumatic brain injuries. These may require extensive medical treatment and may have a long-term impact on quality of life. It is possible to hold negligent Nevada drivers accountable for the consequences of their actions on the road.

Many accidents involving bikes are caused by motorists who do not understand how to share the road, are not paying attention or are driving recklessly. Sadly, many collisions involving bicycles are preventable and unnecessary. If you have suffered physically and financially after a bicycle accident, or a family member died in such an accident, you may have legal options to pursue a claim for financial relief. Our firm will take time to fully understand your case in order to seek a judgment for all monetary damages sustained. 

We have extensive experience with claims involving various types of motor vehicle accidents in Nevada. We employ the services of accident reconstructionists and will work to gather witness accounts and other types of documentation in order to validate your claim. Our team understands the financial impact of this type of accident, but you do not have to carry this burden alone. Contact us as soon as possible after your bicycle accident and get the help you need.