An auto accident has the potential to permanently impact a family and leave a significant financial burden. For those who have been injured or who are mourning the loss of a loved one, a civil claim against the party thought to have been responsible for the accident may be a reasonable course of action. This legal process allows for a Nevada claimant to seek needed financial relief after a traumatic auto accident. 

If a personal injury or wrongful death claim is successful, the accident victim could be awarded a monetary judgment to cover the costs of medical bills and missed wages. Emotional duress and other accident-related losses may also be considered by the court once liability is established by appropriate evidence. In some cases it may be more expedient and practical to consider a settlement if it is offered. 

When a claimant agrees to the terms of a settlement, that means that no further legal actions will be taken against the party deemed responsible. Upon accepting terms, which can be negotiated, the amount of money agreed upon will be transferred to the victim. Before accepting any deal, it is certainly preferable to allow a personal injury attorney to carefully evaluate the case in order to determine if this is the best course of action.

If the evidence needed to validate a claim is questionable or there are other factors that could potentially weaken the case, it may be worthwhile to consider a settlement. The claimant has the right to decide to accept a deal or continue forward with legal process and also has the right to be represented by an attorney during the entire settlement process. Any Nevada auto accident victim may want to completely understand the implications of all options by seeking guidance and support from an experienced personal injury attorney. 

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