There are many factors that can contribute to a car accident. Victims do not often consider the role that dangerous vehicle conditions may have played in a crash. When a car accident is caused by certain types of vehicle issues, it could be considered negligent maintenance of a vehicle. This includes conditions that should be monitored and repaired by the car owner as opposed to faulty car parts of which the owner was not aware.

Negligent maintenance of a vehicle includes issues such as bald tires, improperly inflated tires, problematic brakes or failed brake lights. These conditions and others can cause accidents and place others at an increased risk for a collision, injury or even death. Nevada car owners can be held legally responsible for damages caused by negligent maintenance when victims successfully document a civil claim against the individual or company that owns the vehicle. 

If a Nevada resident is involved in a car accident involving a company vehicle, the company may be financially liable for any damages sustained. It is important for victims, with the assistance of a legal ally, to establish that the conditions of the vehicle were unlawful and/or dangerous. Even seemingly minor issues with a vehicle could be hazardous. Proper vehicle maintenance is the responsibility of the car owner. 

Establishing liability after a car accident of any kind can be a complicated, but it is a necessary part of the personal injury process. If a victim believes that he or she is was injured by the negligence of another party, experienced legal support may be crucial to recovery of financial damages. Before moving forward with a civil claim, a victim is best served by gaining a full understanding of the available legal options. 

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