Companies can and should be held accountable when faulty or dangerous car parts place drivers and passengers at risk for auto accidents. This has been underlined by the high-profile legal situation in which GM has found itself after it was revealed that defects in some ignition switches were the causes behind a number of serious and fatal accidents. A victim injured in an ignition-related auto accident or the family of a deceased victim has the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering. This includes any affected Nevada residents.

GM has set aside millions of dollars for the purpose of compensating victims and families. This fund is being overseen by a legal team that has been retained for this purpose. Of the 4,345 claims that have been filed against the auto manufacturer, less than 700 have so far been determined to be ineligible. Claims are validated by reviewing documentation and other accident-related evidence. 

If any Nevada resident has been injured in an accident because his or her GM ignition switch failed, there is still time to seek compensation. For those who are unaffected by this specific defect, the case serves as an example of how an individual can take on a major company and successfully file a civil claim. Victims should not hesitate to fully explore their legal options after auto accidents. 

A Nevada resident who has suffered physically, emotionally or financially after an auto accident should not feel as if he or she has to face the aftermath alone. A personal injury claim is a legal way to pursue financial compensation for damages related to an accident. When a suit is successful, a court may award damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Source: CBS News, “Death toll from flawed GM ignition switches rises“, Feb. 23, 2015