Nevada is home to many beautiful lakes, and water sports are one of the state’s many tourists attractions. With the popularity of boats and water activities, a drunk boating accident is an unfortunate possibility. These accidents can have serious consequences, but victims of the careless actions of others have the legal option to seek compensation.

If you were injured on a boat, jet ski, fishing boat, kneeboard or any other type of water vehicle or equipment, your accident may not be your fault. The negligent or reckless behavior of others may have contributed to the accident, and those responsible may be liable for financial damages. Drunk boating is a common type of reckless behavior on Nevada waterways. If you were injured by a drunk boat operator, you have options. 

A drunk boating accident can have serious consequences and a major financial impact. Our team of lawyers works closely with knowledgeable experts to build a personal injury claim that accurately reflects your emotional, physical and financial suffering. We know how to successfully validate claims with evidence and other documentation. Our goal is to secure the compensation you need for a complete physical and financial recovery. 

A drunk boating accident can change your life in one moment, leaving you with medical bills, a damaged boat and other losses. We are familiar with boating and personal injury laws, and our experience can benefit you after an accident on the water. Find out more about your rights as an injured boater, and learn how we can work to resolve your case quickly by visiting our website.