The victims of a tragic drunk driving accident have been identified in Clark County, Nevada. The two people killed were a young girl, age 6, and her grandmother. According to local law enforcement, the two victims were struck by a drunk driver as they were waiting at a bus stop. One other young girl suffered minor injuries in the drunk driving accident. 

The alleged drunk driver drifted off of the road and into the bus stop. After the collision, the driver and the 15-year-old passenger left the area, but they were followed to their apartment by a witness. Thanks to the actions of this witness, law enforcement officials apprehended the driver. He was officially charged with DUI resulting in death and failing to stop at the scene of an accident. 

Nevada law enforcement officials spoke and reminded drivers that there is never an excuse for drunk driving. Drivers who choose to make the irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated can be held financially liable for any damages that they cause. Drunk driving is especially unfortunate because it is a completely preventable behavior. Fortunately, victims and the families of deceased victims have legal options for recourse. 

After a drunk driving accident, victims may require extensive medical care, rehabilitation and more. The financial burdens can be overwhelming, and it is particularly frustrating when a victim and/or a family have to pay for the actions of another driver. A personal injury or wrongful death claim is often a reasonable manner by which a victim can seek the financial compensation needed to cover accident-related expenses.

Source:, “Coroner identifies grandmother, child killed in crash“, March 30, 2015