The owners and managers of properties or premises in Nevada are legally responsible for proper maintenance of their properties. Any person who is lawfully present on such properties must be protected against hazards and unsafe conditions. Whenever a person suffers injuries on premises that are deemed unsafe, he or she may be entitled to pursue recovery of expenses and financial losses caused by the injury. This is done by filing a premises liability claim in a civil court.

A commercial building owner in another state is facing a lawsuit that was recently filed following an incident in which an individual suffered injuries after a fall. According to the complaint, the plaintiff visited a dentist whose offices are situated in the defendant’s building. In order to get to the office, she apparently had to walk up a ramp for pedestrians that was awkwardly sloped and showed signs of poor maintenance.

The property owner is accused of failing to properly maintain the property, leaving it in a condition that posed safety hazards. The plaintiff contends that the broken concrete on the ramp caused her to trip and fall. She claims to have suffered injuries of a permanent nature. She seeks compensation for pain, suffering and loss of life enjoyment, along with mental and emotional distress.

Each claim for injuries suffered on the property of others is unique, and the outcome of every premises liability claim in Nevada depends on the circumstances of the incident and the gathered evidence. The severity of the injuries and the impact on the victim’s life will be considered by a civil court. Victims may seek compensation for medical expenses, past and future income loss, pain and suffering and other monetary losses sustained. If sufficient proof of negligence is presented, the court will proceed to consider specific items of monetary damages claimed.

Source:, “Commercial landlord sued after woman allegedly injured in trip and fall on pedestrian ramp“, Kyle Barnett, April 20, 2015