Most Nevada residents are familiar with the dangers of walking along or near many of the roadways within the state. The risk of a pedestrian accident occurring can be especially high at areas near shopping centers, sporting events, restaurants, college campuses or any crosswalks. A recent incident has left one man with multiple injuries after he was hit by an SUV.

The horrific accident occurred late in the evening at an intersection. The impact of the collision launched the victim into the roadway, and he slid into the intersection. He had to be transported to a local medical facility due to the serious nature of his leg injuries.

There is no report of any injuries being suffered by the 35-year-old driver of the SUV. Law enforcement officials suspected that she was under the influence while operating her vehicle. The SUV driver was arrested and taken to a local detention center in the aftermath of the incident.

It can take months and even years for a victim of a pedestrian accident to overcome the injuries he or she suffers. During this time, medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages from missing work can wreak havoc on one’s financial and emotional well-being. Whenever there is evidence suggesting that a negligent or drunk driver caused such an incident, a victim will reserve the right to file a personal injury claim in a Nevada civil court. Restitution gained from a successfully litigated claim can go a long way toward getting one’s life back on track.

Source:, “Pedestrian injured, driver arrested after accident near Palace Station“, May 26, 2015