Nevada has its fair share of pedestrian accidents. Because pedestrians have no protection, they commonly suffer severe injuries when struck by a vehicle. It is not uncommon for victims of such accidents to suffer fractured bones and spinal, head, or brain injuries, and in many cases the injuries are fatal. A 13-year-old girl who suffered severe injuries in a recent crosswalk accident remains in a hospital from where her condition is reported to be serious.

A trooper of the Nevada Highway Patrol says the girl was crossing a Carson City street in a crosswalk when she was knocked down by a pickup truck in the afternoon of a recent Wednesday. The accident report says the pickup truck driver came up behind a tow vehicle that had observed the rules of the road by stopping to allow the girl to cross the street. He changed lanes to pass the stationary vehicle and smashed into the teenager as she crossed the street.

The injured girl was rushed to a hospital with severe head trauma. The trooper says that neither alcohol nor drugs seemed to have played a part in this accident. Furthermore, he reports that the 22-year-old pickup truck driver remained at the scene and was cooperating with the accident investigators.

The consequences of this girl’s head injuries may be life-changing, and the associated medical expenses may continue for years. If it can be proved that the vehicle driver’s negligence caused the crosswalk accident, the victim’s parents may pursue compensation for current and future medical expenses. Upon successful presentation of a personal injury claim in a Nevada civil court, compensation for properly documented losses may be awarded. These may include all losses related to the accident, including pain and suffering, loss of future income, and other losses that are allowed by state laws.

Source:, “13-year-old Carson City girl in serious condition after struck by pickup truck in crosswalk“, May 27, 2015