One death and two injuries recently occurred in a vehicle accident in Nevada. Sometimes a person is seriously injured in an auto accident or dies because of another person’s carelessness and failure to abide by road rules. In this scenario, the allegedly careless individual may be held financially responsible for the injuries or death.

The recent accident took place at about 10 a.m. The accident happened along State Route 160 on a Sunday. One man believed to have been a passenger in one vehicle involved in the accident passed away at the crash scene; meanwhile, the driver of this vehicle suffered injuries deemed non-life-threatening.

The person driving the second vehicle suffered serious injuries. She was taken to the hospital via helicopter. Officials had to extricate one of the crash victims from an automobile following the head-on collision. The state route on which the accident happened had to be shut down while police investigated the scene.

If police discover who was at fault in the head-on collision, this driver may face a personal injury claim filed by the other injured driver as well as a wrongful death claim filed by the surviving family members of the passenger who died. The plaintiffs may seek monetary damages; if awarded, these damages may help to cover their losses resulting from the head-on auto accident, such as medical bills or burial costs. They can also be helpful for addressing pain and suffering caused by the collision. Competent proof of negligence is needed to sufficiently establish liability in this type of civil case in Nevada.

Source:, “1 killed, 2 injured in two-vehicle crash near Mountain Springs“, July 19, 2015