Fatal accidents on Nevada roadways are devastating, both for the victims and the families who are left behind. Recently, an auto accident involving five cars killed two men and injured two more victims. Two men, ages 34 and 52, were killed. The Sunday accident occurred at 9 p.m. near Interstate 15.

The accident happened when a pickup driver who was traveling east near the Interstate ran a red light. At that time, he hit three of four vehicles that were exiting the Interstate in an attempt to make a left turn in front of the pickup. Debris from the accident flew through the air and hit the fourth car on the off-ramp.

A witness indicated that speed was a factor in the pickup truck running the red light. Police are investigating whether alcohol was also a factor. The pickup driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition. A woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

A serious auto accident can leave a mountain of medical bills, repair bills for vehicles and — in the case of a fatality — funeral and burial expenses. With the preliminary evidence that has been reported in this accident, it appears that the driver of the pickup truck was negligent in running a red traffic light.  The surviving families of the two men who lost their lives may consider filing lawsuits in a Nevada civil court for their wrongful deaths, and the woman who suffered serious injuries may file her own personal injury claim. Both the pickup truck driver and any separate owner of the vehicle he was driving may be named as defendants in any civil court claims arising from the fatal accident.

Source: Fox 5 Las Vegas, “Pickup slams into vehicles, kills 2 on Lamb near I-15”, Matt Guillermo, July 13, 2015