On July 15, a Nevada man suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a car in a parking lot. The accident occurred when a 22-year-old man turned left into a parking row. In doing so, he hit a 35-year-old male pedestrian. The pedestrian accident happened at nearly 8:20 p.m.

The left front end of the car collided with the victim. Police say that the pedestrian fell to the ground, and his head struck the pavement. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Police said that it does not appear that speeding was a factor in the accident. The driver stated that the vehicle was traveling up to 10 mph. However, conflicting statements from witnesses have come to light. One said he was speeding, but another one said the driver had just stopped to allow another pedestrian to cross in front of him.

Police did not think that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident and said that the driver is cooperating with police. The driver did not receive a citation, and he was not charged with anything at the time of the accident. The investigation, however, is ongoing.

A pedestrian accident such as this one can happen suddenly and have dire consequences. The victim from this accident may opt to sue the driver in a Nevada civil court, seeking a monetary judgment for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. An attorney experienced in handling personal injury claims can offer ongoing support and assistance in pursuing all available avenues of financial relief.

Source: elkodaily.com, “Man critically injured in parking lot“, July 17, 2015