Whether traveling by car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot, there are rules of the road to be followed. When taking up less space on the road, one may be harder to see and, thus, become an easier target for inattentive drivers. A recent auto accident has shaken many bicyclists who urge drivers to pay attention and slow down for cyclists who have the same rights as vehicles on Nevada roadways.

The accident occurred on August 3 on the Las Vegas Strip. A 37-year-old man, who had just started his own company, was leading a bicycle tour and was hit by a 23-year-old driver from behind. The collision threw the man from his bicycle. He was taken to a nearby hospital for life-threatening injuries. He died six days later because of injuries sustained in the accident.

This is the eighth bicyclist fatality on Las Vegas roadways this year, according to Las Vegas Metro Police. Metro claims that the cyclist who was hit and died most recently was following all the rules of the road as well as wearing his helmet. His friends and fellow cyclists plead for all vehicles to share the road safely with bicyclists.

In an auto accident involving a bicycle, it is often the cyclist who is injured or even killed. A wrongful death claim may be an option for a deceased victim’s family against a driver who has been deemed negligent. In Nevada, auto accident victims or the surviving family of deceased victims may have the right to pursue compensation to assist in covering medical costs, funeral expenses or other accident-related costs.

Source: news3lv.com, “Road awareness urged after friends ride in cyclist’s memory“, Christine Kim, August 11, 2015