Summer season is prime time for motorcycles to be cruising Nevada roadways. Drivers must take extra caution when changing lanes or making turns to look for the smaller vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle crash involving a motorcycle often results in critical injuries and even death of the motorcyclist. This is the case for a recent crash that occurred on a Nevada highway. 

Just past noon on July 11, an accident occurred on U.S. 395. According to Nevada Highway Patrol, a 51-year-old man was driving his motorcycle northbound on the highway, in the same direction as a Subaru that was also on the roadway. Witnesses told authorities that they saw the Subaru strike the bike, causing the bike to overturn and the motorcyclist to be ejected. 

When the man was thrown from the bike, he suffered critical injuries. He was brought by care flight to a hospital to be treated for the injuries. Sadly, he died in the hospital not long after the accident. Authorities have not found the Subaru or the driver suspected in the fatal motorcycle accident.

When authorities do find the driver of the Subaru, a civil lawsuit may be pursued. A wrongful death claim may be made by the family of the motorcyclist, based upon evidence that the Subaru driver was negligent in causing or contributing to the motor vehicle crash. A successful suit can result in compensation for medical costs, funeral expenses and other monetary losses occasioned by the accident. Though compensation cannot bring a loved one back to life, it can help achieve financial relief and even some sense that justice was served. 

Source:, “NHP still searches for Subaru in fatal motorcycle accident“, Marcella Corona, July 30, 2015