The parents of a 6-year-old boy blame a Nevada water park for his severe neurological impairments. The swimming pool injuries resulted from an incident in which the boy was pulled out of a wave pool at a water park in Henderson. Recently, the parents filed a law suit in Clark County District Court. 

This incident occurred on May 27, although specific details of exactly what occurred were not detailed. The suit alleges that Cowabunga Bay water park was negligent with respect to its safety precautions, resulting in serious injury to the young boy. The parents claim that the park failed to maintain the required amount of lifeguards in the area and on duty at the time of the incident. The parents also assert that the park did not require life jackets for young children.

In June, Cowabunga Bay was cited by the Southern Nevada Health District for having only eight lifeguards on duty when 17 were required. To avoid a recent forced closure, the park amended its training procedures. According to a park spokeswoman, the park was able to remain open.

Swimming pool injuries can leave victims with severe and lifelong damage that not only changes their lives but also impacts the lives of their loved ones. When the injuries result from the negligence of another party, a claim for monetary damages may be appropriate. Premises liability lawsuits typically involve legal claims against property owners and/or those in possession of property for acts of negligence which result in serious injury to an invitee or licensee. 

Source:, “Parents sue Cowabunga Bay water park over boy’s injuries“, July 30, 2015