Car accidents occur every day in the state of Nevada, many of which do not result in injury. However, a pedestrian hit by a car often suffers severe consequences due to the lack of protection. A recent accident occurred in Reno, which requires more investigation before fault is determined.

The Reno Police got a call reporting a traffic accident on a recent Thursday night. The accident occurred around 9:30 p.m. The police say that a small vehicle was traveling northbound when it struck a 20-year-old pedestrian at an intersection. They believe that the pedestrian was in the roadway at the time he was struck. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Police do not believe that drugs or alcohol are at play in this accident. They also say that the driver in the accident is cooperating in the investigation. However, the accident investigation is ongoing, and they are reaching out for anyone who might have relevant information to come forward.

If the evidence suggests that the pedestrian hit by a car was not at fault in the accident, his surviving family may choose to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver. Any time that a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle in Nevada under circumstances where the driver is deemed negligent, the pedestrian victim (or the victim’s family if the accident was fatal) retains the right to sue the driver. Compensation that may result from a successful claim can be used for medical bills, loss of income, funeral costs and other monetary damages incurred due to the accident.

Source:, “Reno Man Killed in Traffic Accident“, Mike Rogers, Sept. 18, 2015