A drunk driving accident can have serious implications for all parties involved. A Nevada man was recently sent to jail after an accident where alcohol was suspected to have been a factor in an apparent drunk driving accident. A woman remains in a hospital because of injuries suffered in the accident. She may choose to pursue a civil claim against the alleged drunk driver.

A 45-year-old man was driving a sedan with two passengers southbound on a state route near Yerington on a recent Sunday morning. He drifted out of his lane, crossed the center line and drove into the northbound lane. On the northbound shoulder, the car hit rocks and boulders and a decorative structure near a house.

The driver and one of the passengers were not injured in the accident, but the second passenger was thrown from the vehicle. The woman who was ejected from the sedan was taken by Care Flight to a hospital to be treated for life threatening injuries. The driver was arrested for DUI, open container and driving left of center. Also, he was said to be driving without a valid driver’s license.

Those who suffer serious injuries due to a drunk driving accident may be entitled to sue for the harm and loss caused by the accident. Victims of a drunk driving accident should not have to foot the bill for a driver’s bad choices. A Nevada lawyer with experience in fighting for victims who have been injured as a result of a drunk driver can offer ongoing support and guidance in pursuing a claim for reimbursement of monetary damages based upon evidence of driver negligence.

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