The level of danger associated with driving on roads anywhere in the country depends on many factors. Nevada Highway Patrol received a report of an auto accident in Humboldt County on a recent Monday afternoon. Upon arrival, officers found a devastating accident scene involving two vehicles and six people. The dangerous factor in this accident appears to have been a wrong-way driver.

According to an accident report, a 24-year-old driver from another state came across some slow moving traffic on US Highway 95 and entered a lane of oncoming traffic to pass these vehicles. It appears he failed to take due care and smashed into a vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction. The head-on collision had disastrous results.

NHP stated that the driver and his 40-year-old passenger suffered serious injuries, and both were taken to a medical center. The 66-year-old driver of the other car and a 73-year-old passenger were fatally injured, and they were declared dead at the crash scene. Two more passengers in that car were seriously injured, and they were rushed to a hospital. Sadly, only one of them survived, as the other one succumbed to his injuries after being admitted to the hospital.

Losing a loved one in an auto accident naturally brings about trauma, and dealing with end-of-life arrangements can be extremely taxing. No verdict can even begin to repay surviving family members for the heartache and grief suffered after such untimely deaths. Nevertheless, wrongful death lawsuits based on evidence of negligence may ease the financial burdens put on families left behind. Similarly, injured victims may pursue recovery of documented financial losses and other damages by filing personal injury claims in Nevada civil court.

Source: FOX Reno, “NHP: 3 dead after crash on US 95 near Winnemucca“, Oct. 20, 2015