Whenever a Nevada resident suffers an injury on the property of another party, the property owner may be held responsible if his or her negligence caused the injury. Similarly, individuals who suffer slip-and-fall accidents on city streets or sidewalks may pursue claims if negligence can be proved. It is the responsibility of any municipality to ensure its sidewalks and streets are reasonably safe. If conditions such as broken sidewalks or holes cause slip and falls, it may give rise to negligence claims.

A city in another state was recently sued by a resident who claims to have suffered when a poorly maintained sidewalk caused him to fall. According to the complaint, the plaintiff contends he stepped onto a city sidewalk to avoid a passing vehicle in October 2013. He claims the sidewalk collapsed under him, causing him to suffer serious injuries.

The plaintiff alleges the city was negligent in its failure to adequately maintain the sidewalk. Furthermore, he claims the city is financially liable for the permanent injuries he suffered, as well as his inability to earn an income. The plaintiff is seeking recovery of costs, legal fees, disbursements and interest, along with additional relief as appropriate under state law. He also seeks a monetary judgment against the defendant for damages as determined by the court.

As in any personal injury case, holding a town or city in Nevada liable for injuries suffered in slip and falls in public areas will require proof of negligence. There may be strict notification requirements and statutes of limitations related to such claims. For this reason, it may be beneficial to consult with an experienced premises liability attorney who will know the requirements and who can provide guidance throughout the judicial process.

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