The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that the 215 Beltway was closed for more than five hours in the aftermath of a recent multi-vehicle accident. A preliminary report indicated that the auto accident involved a vehicle crossing the median. It occurred shortly before 1 a.m. on a recent Monday morning. The reason for the driver going across the median has not yet been determined.

The NHP reported that a westbound car crossed the median and veered into the lanes of the eastbound traffic after striking some sand-filled construction barrels. The car reportedly smashed head-on into another vehicle. Following this collision, a third car also crashed into it, and the car that crossed the median caught fire. Shortly after the accident, another vehicle whose driver slowed down or stopped to render aid was rear-ended. Nobody was injured in this secondary crash.

The driver believed responsible for the crash died at the accident scene. The driver of the first vehicle that was hit was not seriously injured but was arrested for driving under the influence, though authorities noted that he was not at fault for the collision. A passenger in this vehicle, a Jeep, was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries. The third driver suffered no injuries.

The passenger who suffered serious injuries in this auto accident will likely face significant medical expenses and is entitled to seek financial relief in a civil court. A personal injury claim may be filed against the estate of the deceased driver who is believed to have caused the crash. Negligence will have to be established before a Nevada civil court will consider a monetary judgment to cover documented financial and other losses.

Source:, “Man killed in head-on crash on 215 Beltway“, Oct. 26, 2015