In Nevada, as in other states, car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. In some cases, the negligence of one driver can cause a multi-vehicle auto accident that may change the lives of many. Such was recently the case when a 38-year-old driver allegedly failed to yield at an intersection in Silver Springs.

According to an accident report by the Nevada Highway Patrol, the driver of a white pickup truck entered the path of a car that was occupied by a 26-year-old driver, a 10 year old and a 2 year old. The car then smashed into the passenger side of the white truck, where a 10-year-old child was sitting. The impact of the collision caused the truck to be pushed into a blue pickup truck that was stationary at the intersection.

The second truck was operated by a 64-year-old driver, and the crash caused injuries to the 56-year-old passenger in this vehicle. Officials reported that there were seven people involved in this accident, and six of them were injured. The child in the white pickup was airlifted, and the other injured victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Under Nevada law, any person who is injured in an auto accident that resulted from the negligent actions of another party will be entitled to pursue financial relief. Unanticipated medical expenses can cripple the financial stability of any family, especially if the injuries cause long-term health problems. Personal injury claims may be filed in a civil court, but monetary judgments will not be awarded until negligence is established. Injured victims may claim recovery of financial and non-financial damages, as long as there is proper documentation to substantiate the claims.

Source:, “10-year-old hurt in 3-car accident, NHP says“, Marcella Corona, Nov. 9, 2015