Owners of commercial properties in Nevada are responsible for the safety of their premises, both inside and outside. All hazardous areas must be identified as soon as they appear. Failing to rectify dangerous areas — or post clear warnings of the dangers — may lead to slip and fall or other accidents that could result in premises liability claims.

An automotive parts business in another state that deals was recently sued by a woman who claims to have suffered extensive injuries when she visited the store in Dec. 2013. According to court documents, the plaintiff contends that she tripped on an uneven rug as she was exiting the store. She claims to have fallen against the glass door, suffering injuries to her face, neck, hand and right leg. The facial injuries apparently included the loss of some teeth that were knocked out in the fall and more that had to be extracted later.

The complaint indicates that an incident report was created by the staff that was on duty in the store at the time, including the identification of a witness. However, the store asserts that the document isn’t available. She has asked for a jury trial to the determine value of the damages she suffered. These include her medical expenses and the loss of life enjoyment.

Nevada residents who have suffered injuries caused by the suspected negligence of property owners may benefit from consulting with an experienced premises liability attorney. A lawyer can assess the circumstances of the incident and help to identify all parties who may bear legal responsibility. If such a civil claim is filed, negligence on the part of the property owner, manager and/or tenant of the premises must be established before demands for monetary damages will be considered.

Source: wvrecord.com, “Woman sues Advance Auto Parts over negligence claims after tripping on rug“, Molly English-Bowers, Dec. 26, 2015