Irresponsible pet owners in Nevada and other states place the public at risk. Dog bites or attacks by other animals can cause serious harm that can be avoided if pet owners follow a few fundamental rules. These include teaching the animal to respond to the owner’s commands, restraining it and ensuring secure property fences.

A man in another state is recovering from serious injuries suffered in a dog attack while he was out jogging. He shared this horrific experience, saying he noticed the dog with its owner as he jogged past the property, and although he could hear the dog growling, he was unconcerned because he thought the owner had control over the dog. However, the dog stormed toward him, and the jogger stopped, expecting the dog to respond to its owner’s call.

When this did not happen, the jogger tried to outrun the dog but tripped and fell in the roadway. The man alleges the vicious attack continued without the pet owner even approaching to take charge of the dog. When the dog ultimately let go, the man was rushed to a hospital. Reportedly, he suffered nerve damage and deep wounds from which he is recovering at the moment. The dog was apparently euthanized after the attack.

Victims of dog bites may pursue litigation to hold the owners of uncontrolled pets accountable. A premises liability claim is a form of personal injury claim that may be filed in a Nevada civil court. Recovery of documented financial and physical damages might be obtained by establishing negligence on the part of the pet owner and successfully presenting the claim. While Nevada is known as a “one bite” state when it comes to dog bites, liability may still attach even if it is the first time the dog has bitten someone; those facing these circumstances will likely benefit by consulting with an attorney experienced in handling these types of claims.

Source:, “Lawton man recovers after vicious dog attack”, Sylvia Corkill, Nov. 26, 2015