Driving on wet and icy roads in Nevada will always be challenging. For this reason, those who take to the roads in adverse weather conditions need to be aware of the dangers and drive with extra care. An accident that is caused by a negligent driver on an icy road can have devastating consequences.

The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that troopers responded to a fatal accident on a recent Saturday night. According to a preliminary crash report, there were two cars involved in the accident that occurred on U.S. 50, not far from Glenbrook. The report states that an eastbound driver of a passenger vehicle veered across the center line of the highway. The reason for this has not yet been determined.

As he entered the westbound lanes, his car struck another vehicle. No details of injuries were provided, except the death of a passenger in the car of the driver who crossed the center line. He was reportedly a 36-year-old Los Angeles resident. NHP reported that seat belts restrained all the occupants of both vehicles. The accident investigation by the Nevada Highway Patrol’s Multi-Disciplinary Investigation and Reconstruction Team is reportedly ongoing

The family members of the deceased passenger will naturally be traumatized by his tragic death. During this difficult time, they will also have to deal with the financial impact of end-of-life arrangements. In pursuing financial relief, they may file a wrongful death claim in a Nevada civil court. They will, however, have to establish whether a negligent driver caused the fatal accident before the court will consider entering a monetary judgment. Once this is done, all documented financial losses and emotional damages sustained will be taken into account when a decision about restitution is made by the court.

Source: mynews4.com, “NHP identifies man killed in Saturday crash near Lake Tahoe“, Matthew Seeman, Jan. 19, 2016