Dog owners in Nevada have particular responsibilities to maintain control over their pets at all times. In the event of dog attacks, the owners can be held accountable for medical and other expenses of the victims. A 10-year-old girl in another state was lucky not to suffer severe injuries in a recent incident in which two pit bull terriers attacked her, but the psychological effect it will have on her is unknown.

Reportedly, the girl was walking in the company of some friends on a recent Monday afternoon when the two dogs allegedly chased the girl and knocked her down. A witness says the dogs climbed on the child and continued the attack. Fortunately, she managed to escape into her home, but not before she suffered multiple bites and scratches. She was treated by emergency workers before she was taken to the hospital for further treatment of moderate injuries.

Dog wardens chased down one of the dogs and identified its owner who was surprised to learn that her otherwise placid dog had attacked the girl. The owner said the other dog was a stray, and said she sometimes cared for it. The dog owner is now facing several charges, and she was ordered to keep the dog on a leash with a maximum length of six feet. Also, the dog must wear a muzzle and be micro-chipped, and she has to obtain a license to keep a dangerous dog, and post warning signs on her property. Furthermore, she may have to face a civil lawsuit by the parents of the child who was attacked by her dog.

Nevada victims of dog attacks can suffer long-lasting symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, and, even if the injuries were not severe, the attack can be a constant reminder of the terror they felt and can cause anxieties and nightmares. Navigating a civil claim against a dog owner may prove to be difficult, but an experienced personal injury attorney can provide guidance. A lawyer can launch an independent investigation and work with professionals in the psychological, medical and financial fields to determine the potential financial damages that may be claimed.

Source:, “Pit bulls attack, bite girl“, Courtney Day, Jan. 26, 2016