Many Nevada residents have suffered injuries on business sites at which owners or property managers did not address hazardous areas. Under state law, property owners are required to maintain their properties in a manner that will not threaten the safety of individuals who move about on their premises. In an event of an injury caused by negligent maintenance, the injured party will be entitled to hold the owner of the property accountable for damages by filing a premises liability claim.

A woman recently filed such a lawsuit in another state against the owner of an oil site from injuries she suffered in Jan. 2015. According to the complaint, the plaintiff was on the property to get to her horse trailer that was parked on a leased field. She stated that to gain access to the area, she had to open a gate. The gate allegedly dislodged from its hinges that were supposed to secure it to the anchor pole, causing it to flip over and toss the woman back some 15 feet.

The plaintiff contended that she suffered severe left arm and wrist injuries during the incident. The lawsuit further claims that these injuries resulted in significant medical expenses for a surgical procedure to place screws and other hardware in her arm. The company is accused of negligent maintenance that caused physical pain, impairment, mental anguish and disfigurement, and the plaintiff seeks in excess of $75,000 to cover damages, legal fees and interest.

Nevada residents who have suffered injuries that brought about medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering as the result of a property owner’s negligence may pursue financial relief. Navigating a premises liability claim on one’s own can prove to be difficult; however, any victim has the right to appoint a legal representative to advocate on his or her behalf. An experienced premises liability attorney can handle all stages of the legal proceedings — from negotiations to trial — while fighting to obtain the maximum compensation available under state law.

Source:, “Gregg County woman blames CGI Gulf Coast Upstream for oil site accident“, Robbie Hargett, Feb. 2, 2016