An out-of-state couple’s plans to get married in Las Vegas and celebrate with family and friends had to be put on hold after a tragic accident. An alleged drunk driver interrupted their plans. An accident report prepared by the Nevada Highway Patrol indicates that the incident occurred on the second Saturday in March.

According to the report, the couple was traveling in a shuttle on Interstate 15 on their way to enjoy a ride in a helicopter when a driver reportedly caused a crash that resulted in the van rolling over. The van landed on top of the woman. She suffered severe injuries, including the loss of her left arm. Her father explained how devastated his daughter was when she was told about the amputation.

Police reported that 13 other people suffered injuries in this accident. The alleged drunk driver was arrested. He is now facing several felony charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol.

In addition to the trauma of the accident and its financial consequences, the expenses related to the wedding ceremony and celebrations may further affect the couple’s financial stability. The injured woman may pursue recovery of damages by filing a personal injury claim in a Nevada civil court. Once negligence on the part of the alleged drunk driver is established before the court, all documented claims for financial relief will be considered. Claims may include current and future medical expenses along with loss of income, rehabilitation costs and other pecuniary losses. Emotional damages such as pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment and more may also be sought.

Source: WDRB 41 Louisville News, “Louisville woman loses arm while in Las Vegas for her wedding after drunk driver crashes into van“, March 16, 2016