Drivers of all vehicles must be alert and observant of other vehicular movements in the vicinity at all times. A bad decision, made in a split second, can have devastating consequences. Recently, a motorcycle and motor vehicle crash claimed the life of a motorcyclist who appears to have made a bad decision while riding on a busy Nevada road.

The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that the multi-vehicle accident occurred on State Route 160 on a recent Monday. A 46-year-old northbound motorcyclist is said to have passed another vehicle, but he veered directly into the path of a southbound car. The collision that followed caused the biker to be ejected. The southbound car spun into the path of the car he tried to pass in the first place. Two more motorcyclists were not able to avoid the accident, and both were ejected from their bikes.

The rider of the motorcycle who appears to have caused the wreck lost his life. One 50-year-old driver and her 78-year-old passenger suffered serious injuries, and another 77-year-old passenger from the same car was critically injured. One of the other two bikers was seriously injured. All the injured victims were transported to UMC Trauma.

Those who suffered injuries in this horrific motor vehicle crash are entitled to pursue financial relief by filing personal injury claims in a Nevada civil court. Negligence on the part of the motorcyclist believed to have been at fault will have to be established before the court. Those claims may be filed against the deceased biker’s estate. Documented claims for personal injuries typically include all financial losses brought about by an accident, along with emotional damages sustained.

Source:, “Motorcyclist killed in 5-vehicle crash on SR 160 identified“, Brian Sandford, Feb. 24, 2016