Many Nevada parents find it difficult to leave their children at day care centers because of regularly reported incidents of injuries or abuse at such facilities. A day care facility in another state is facing a lawsuit alleging negligent supervision after a December incident in which a television fell on a 23-month-old boy. The parents claim that the child suffered a serious brain injury when he was struck by the television.

It is alleged that a member of the day care center’s staff left two children unattended in a room. The complaint states that the little boy was sleeping on the floor when another toddler’s foot caught the cable of a television that was located on a dresser in the room. The television fell onto the sleeping child who was rushed to a hospital.

According to court documents, the child suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain. He remained in the hospital for approximately three weeks during which time he was mostly in a sedated state and intubated. His parents assert that the child continues to receive speech and physical therapy.

As is typical with a brain injury, the medical expenses will likely continue for months or even years. Any Nevada parent whose child suffers injuries at a day care facility due to negligent supervision may take a similar action by filing a premises liability claim in a civil court. Such cases can be complicated and may be best navigated by an experienced personal injury attorney. Successful presentation of such a claim may lead to a monetary judgment that will enable parents to provide for the future needs of an injured child.

Source:, “Boy suffered serious brain injuries at Birmingham daycare, parents’ lawsuit claims“, Kelsey Stein, April 27, 2016