Hundreds of thousands of people visit the casinos in Nevada every year. For this reason, it is not strange that premises liability lawsuits are also prevalent in this state. When so many people move about, there will always be the likelihood of an individual suffering some personal injury.

Slip and fall incidents cause the most common type of injuries to occur in these establishments, but there are many more potential accidents that can cause havoc in the lives of visitors to casinos and hotels. Wet spots where drinks were spilled and not cleaned can be hazardous, and a chair that breaks with a seated guest can cause serious injury. Also, various dangerous conditions may exist on the property, including staircases where lighting is inadequate or the rails are insecure.

Because of the prevalence of personal injury claims filed against hotels and casinos, these establishments typically have skilled teams of risk managers, along with large, deductible insurance policies. The incident will be recorded on security cameras and after reporting the incident, the establishment’s security staff may want the injured victim to sign a state. After an injury is reported to them, they would likely try to settle any claim as quickly as possible.

A better option for victims of injuries that were suffered on negligently maintained casino properties in Nevada may be to consult with an experienced premises liability attorney before signing anything. The lawyers at Ralph A. Schwartz, P.C. have the necessary litigation experience to seek full financial accountability from any casino or hotel for personal injuries suffered by a guest. While the establishment will likely try to minimize the severity of the injury, our attorneys will endeavor to get full recovery of damages sustained — both financial and emotional.