It is only natural for consumers in Nevada to expect the stores at which they do their shopping to be free of hazards. However, it is not uncommon for shoppers to suffer injuries while they are out shopping. In cases in which the injuries were caused by avoidable safety hazards that were left unaddressed, the business and property owners may be held liable in premises liability lawsuits.

A furniture store in another state is currently facing such a lawsuit that was filed by a customer who suffered injuries while shopping there. According to court documents, the woman was in the defendant’s store in March, at which time she was injured when several room dividers toppled over and fell onto her. She claims she was knocked down when the room dividers hit her right shoulder.

The plaintiff claims to have suffered facial injuries along with injuries to her arms and legs, her neck and her back. Moreover, the incident apparently caused a concussion that led to memory loss and headaches. The woman accuses the company of failure to keep the store hazard free and to post warning signs. Also, the plaintiff alleges the defendant failed to train its staff to place merchandise in manners that will not threaten the safety of customers.

Regardless of what type of injury a consumer suffers, he or she may have a viable claim against a negligent property owner. Premises liability law is complicated, and such a claim may be best navigated by an experienced attorney. A lawyer may be able to assist in obtaining sufficient evidence of negligence on the part of the property owner to present to the Nevada civil court in pursuing financial relief for economic and emotional damages sustained.

Source:, “Customer blames Lafayette furniture store for injuries“, June 1, 2016