In collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, law enforcement agencies across Nevada will take part in a June campaign that will be focused on the safety of pedestrians. Statistics provided by the Las Vegas Transportation Research Center, the NHTSA and the University of Nevada indicate that local residents — rather than visitors to our state — are the victims of almost 90 percent of fatal car and pedestrian accidents. The Joining Forces campaign aims to increase awareness about how poor choices during driving — and walking — can result in a fatal pedestrian accident.

An official noted that NHTSA information shows that Nevada remains one of the top 10 worst states for fatal pedestrian accidents. Although pedestrians are to blame for many of the reported accidents, the Joining Forces campaign will address various aspects of road safety. This will include enforcement across Nevada in an attempt to curb fatalities.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records show that 4,735 people lost their lives on roads nationwide in 2013. In an effort to provide safe passage for drivers and pedestrians, the enforcement will focus on drunk driving, speeding, pedestrian safety and the use of seat belts. At the same time, additional deputies will be tasked with monitoring pedestrian behavior and citing violations.

Nevada residents who have suffered injuries in pedestrian accidents that occurred due to the negligence of other parties — or anybody who has lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident — may pursue recovery of damages. Personal injury or wrongful death claims can be filed, and once negligence is established before the civil court, restitution may be awarded. When the court has determined financial liability, it will adjudicate all documented claims for emotional, physical and financial damages.

Source:, “Joining Forces campaign to focus on pedestrian safety in June“, Juan Carlos Flores, June 4, 2016