Nevada residents who are physically challenged may have valid concerns for their safety whenever they are traveling. Business owners must ensure that their premises or facilities are accessible and safe to use for all patrons. This is also true for airlines and reasonable care is required to ensure that all passengers disembark safely from planes. Negligent care may lead to premises liability claims.

A woman in another state recently filed such a lawsuit against United Airlines, alleging violations of state and federal statutes. The claim arose from a fall she allegedly suffered in February upon arrival at an airport in her home state. According to court documents, a wheelchair had been promised to assist the plaintiff, but it was not provided. This left her waiting at the top of the escalator without support, nor any explanation of the failure to provide the arranged assistance.

The plaintiff claims that she attempted to hold onto the escalator’s handrail to prevent a fall. Unfortunately, this was in vain as she fell down the escalator to the ground. The complaint states that she suffered fractures to her pelvis and four of her ribs along with injuries to her legs, back, left shoulder and left arm. It is alleged that despite the airline’s own protocols and policies related to the assistance available for physically challenged passengers, the defendant failed to assist her during disembarking.

As did this woman, a victim of premises liability in Nevada may pursue claims for financial relief to assist with the unanticipated burden — physical, emotional and economic — that can be brought about by a fall. In this case, the plaintiff seeks a jury trial and recovery of damages that includes legal fees, pre and post-judgment interest along with additional relief that the court may award. Victims may choose to utilize the services of experienced attorneys to guide them through the legal proceedings that will follow.

Source:, “Passenger blames United Airlines for injuries“, July 19, 2016