An intersection in Reno was partially closed for a significant part of a recent Monday afternoon. This followed a collision between two cars that also involved a third vehicle. This auto accident was one of many crashes that occur in Nevada because drivers fail to obey traffic signs due to distractions or other reasons.

A preliminary accident report alleges that a southbound driver disregarded a stop sign. He or she reportedly entered an intersection without yielding to an eastbound car. The collision that followed caused one or both vehicles to slam into a third car. The driver of the car that was first struck became trapped in the vehicle. After being extricated by rescue workers, that person was rushed to a hospital.

The driver who was deemed responsible reportedly remained at the scene of the accident and cooperated with officials. Authorities were not yet sure whether impairment by drugs or alcohol played a part in this accident. Police said more information would determine whether the Major Accident Investigation Team would join the investigation.

The severity of the injuries suffered by the driver of the other vehicle is not known. However, he or she was hospitalized and will be faced with medical bills. To recover those damages, that person will be entitled to pursue a personal injury claim in a Nevada civil court. The plaintiff will have to prove that the other driver’s negligence caused the auto accident and the resulting injuries before the court will consider documented claims for financial and other damages. Once financial liability is established, and the claims adjudicated, the court may enter a monetary judgment.

Source:, “One person extricated after crash in downtown Reno“, July 4, 2016