Owners of vacation homes that are rented out to others have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that no hazards exist. When residents in Nevada or other states rent vacation accommodations, they do not want to have their precious time spoiled by injuries requiring medical treatment or even hospitalization. A woman from another state recently filed a premises liability lawsuit against a property owner, alleging negligence.

According to court documents, the plaintiff claims to have been a guest at a vacation home that was the property of the defendant. She alleges that she slipped while she was taking a shower. She claims to have fallen to the floor, suffering injuries that caused pain and suffering. Furthermore, she claims the incident caused emotional distress, mental anguish and physical impairment.

The defendant is accused of failure to ensure that bathing facilities were slip resistant as well as failing to warn her of the imminent danger. The lawsuit alleges breach of duty and negligent maintenance causing the property to be unsafe. The plaintiff is seeking a jury trial, and along with damages and relief she is entitled to, she also seeks pre- and post-judgment interest and legal costs.

Nevada residents who have suffered injuries that were caused by dangerous conditions at vacation rentals are entitled to pursue financial relief. A premises liability claim may be filed in a civil court, and once the plaintiff has established negligence to the expected standard of the court, documented claims will be considered. These may include all financial and emotional losses, and when the claims are validated by the court, a monetary judgment may follow.

Source: setexasrecord.com, “Guest alleges beach house rental owner’s negligence caused injuries“, June 30, 2016