It is not uncommon for a driver on a Nevada highway to land up in a hospital despite efforts to avoid an imminent crash. An alleged negligent driver reportedly caused a collision on a recent Saturday evening that caused injuries to multiple parties. The Nevada Highway Patrol reports that the crash occurred shortly before midnight on Highway 50.

According to the preliminary accident report, a 25-year-old Dayton resident was traveling east on the highway with two children in her car. Unexpectedly, she faced a westbound pickup truck in her lane. Despite swerving right in an attempt to avoid a crash, the woman’s car was struck on the side by the pickup truck. The truck was operated by a 53-year-old driver, also from Dayton.

The drivers of both vehicles and the two children were transported to a regional hospital. Fortunately, the children’s injuries were not serious, and they were released after treatment. However, the injuries to both drivers were reported to be serious. The crash that led to lane closures for more than five hours is still under investigation.

Hospital bills and other medical expenses can be substantial for any victims of car accidents. However, restitution may be possible if a negligent driver caused the injuries. A personal injury claim may be filed in a Nevada civil court, and the success of such a lawsuit depends on the evidence of negligence presented to the court. Once liability has been established, all documented claims for emotional and financial losses will be considered before entering a monetary judgment.

Source:, “Four injured after head-on crash Saturday night“, Aug. 15, 2016