Motorcycle riders often put their lives on the line when they travel on the busy Nevada Highways. In a motorcycle vs. motor vehicle crash, the bikers are often the ones who lose their lives. Lack of protection from the frame of the bike, along with no safety belts and no airbags, makes riding a motorcycle dangerous.

A biker lost his life on a recent Wednesday in an accident that was caused by a collision between two cars. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, a commercial truck traveling on Interstate 80 lost a portion of its load. This caused two cars to collide. The motorcyclist crashed into a third car that slowed down to avoid the wreck.

The motorcycle rider suffered critical injuries, and he was rushed to a hospital where he later died. No other injuries were reported, although the others involved may have suffered other damages or unnoticed injuries that may cause future problems. The lanes surrounding the crash site was closed for several hours. The surviving family of the deceased motorcyclist may have a viable wrongful death claim, based upon proof of negligence by one or more parties.

The victims of the motor vehicle crash may also be able to pursue financial relief for damages sustained against the trucker and his or her employer based upon the fact that the driver was not able to maintain the load. This may be a complicated process that may be best navigated by an experienced personal injury attorney. A seasoned lawyer may launch an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident and its consequences.

Source:, “Motorcyclist Killed in I-80 Crash“, Aug. 4, 2016