Owners of any facilities in Nevada at which members of the public are allowed may be held accountable for any injuries caused to visitors as the result of dangerous premises. A premises liability lawsuit was recently filed against a land preservation facility and other related entities by a couple whose 20-year-old son lost his life at the out-of-state facility last July. Apparently, their son drowned while he was cave-diving at the conservancy.

The deceased man’s parents allege that warnings about the dangers of swimming there could have prevented their son’s death. Court documents indicate that there are dangerous whirlpool conditions that could be life-threatening in the cove; however, no warning signs were posted. Furthermore, the parents also claim that no lifeguards were present.

It was also noted that an 18-year-old man drowned in the same area approximately one year earlier. However, despite that incident, the property owners have continued to allow visitors to enter the cove without warnings. The defendants are accused of negligence that led to wrongful death.

Losing a loved one in such an unanticipated manner can be devastating to any family. If a family believes that the death was caused by the negligence of property owners, a lawsuit may be filed in a Nevada civil court. Although no amount of money can replace a lost life, the unexpected financial burden can be eased by a monetary judgment to cover end-of-life expenses, lost income and more. Proving negligence can be complicated, and the guidance of an experienced premises liability attorney can be of invaluable help.

Source: mynewsla.com, “Parents of drowning victim file Palos Verdes lawsuit“, Hoa Quach, July 26, 2016