When a Nevada family has to cope with unexpected medical expenses, it can have a severe impact on its financial stability. A Las Vegas family is facing medical bills after their 16-year-old son was injured in a pedestrian accident. These are not expenses that are typically included in a family’s budget. It was reported that the teenager suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash.

Reportedly, the boy was run over by a car right in front of his home in a Las Vegas suburb. He was rushed to a hospital where he is being treated for multiple injuries, including several broken bones. According to his family, his clavicle, pelvis, ribs and vertebrae were fractured. Furthermore, they say a laceration on his side exposed an artery in which infection developed.

While the injured teen is anxious about missing classes, his family is concerned about the medical expenses. They said the woman who struck their son admitted fault, and they were shocked that she was only ticketed for negligent driving. The father believes the charge is not severe enough.

However, regardless of any punishment imposed upon the driver deemed responsible for the pedestrian accident, the family may pursue financial relief through the Nevada justice system. A personal injury claim may be filed in a civil court. Negligence on the part of the driver will have to be established, but the fact that she has apparently admitted fault may benefit their case. The court will adjudicate documented claims for specific items of monetary damage before entering a monetary judgment. Along with financial losses for medical expenses, claims for emotional damages may be included.

Source: ktnv.com, “Family: Teen badly hurt in northwest Las Vegas crash“, Sept. 4, 2016