With a large number of casinos and other entertainment establishments on the Las Vegas Strip and the multitudes of visitors to these businesses, property owners and managers have enormous tasks in maintaining premises that are free of safety hazards. Under Nevada state law, property owners may face premises liability claims if visitors to their establishments suffer injuries due to negligence on the part of the property owners or their staff. This includes indoor and outdoor areas of the facilities.

Such a complaint was recently filed against a casino and its holding company in another state. Reportedly, the lawsuit was filed by a man who claims to have been injured when he was a guest of the establishment in March last year. According to court documents, the plaintiff slipped and fell upon exiting the facility. He alleges the walkway was slippery, and no warning signs were posted to alert visitors of the dangerous conditions.

The defendants are further accused of general negligence in the maintenance of the property. No details were provided related to the severity of the injuries suffered and the impact the incident had on his life. The plaintiff seeks an undisclosed amount of damages in the recovery of financial and other losses.

Nevada residents who suffer injuries in incidents at casinos or other establishments may take similar steps to seek recovery of damages — both financial and emotional. However, under Nevada law, property owners are responsible for maintaining premises in a reasonably safe condition, and proving negligence may not be easy. For this reason, some victims of such accidents utilize the experience of skilled premises liability attorneys to navigate the claims and pursue financial relief for them.

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