An automobile accident is an unexpected event that no one wants to face. This experience can be especially frustrating for those involved when the cause of the accident is no fault of their own. Accidents involving a negligent driver are occurring more frequently on Nevada roadways these days. Throw alcohol into the mix and the results can have deadly consequences. Recently in Reno, a driver under the influence of alcohol crashed a truck into a casino causing damages and injuries.

According to authorities, the truck left the roadway and crashed into a wall of a Reno casino. Officers arrived to find the driver of the truck unconscious. A passenger of the vehicle also suffered serious injuries. Both the driver and passenger were transported to a local hospital where they were hospitalized as a result of their injuries.

Authorities are reporting that alcohol was a factor and the accident is being investigated as a DUI. Luckily, there were no other injures as a result of this act of careless driving. However, there was damage to the exterior of the casino. The driver may be held responsible for the injuries of the passenger and could face a personal injury lawsuit.

This negligent driver could also be facing multiple charges, including reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite laws and growing public awareness campaigns, drunk and reckless driving continue to be dangerous problems for all motorists. Anyone in Nevada who suffers injuries or loss from this type of accident could receive much-needed financial relief from any monetary damages awarded from a successfully litigated civil lawsuit.

Source:, “2 hospitalized after truck crashes into wall near Atlantis“, Sarah Litz, Nov. 8, 2016