Business owners have an obligation to customers to keep their businesses safe and free of hazards. However, slip-and-fall accidents are becoming a common occurrence in the state of Nevada. Careless maintenance or hazards left on the floor of a store can cause serious injuries to shoppers. Recently, a shopper in another state was injured from a fall in a restaurant and he is holding the business responsible.

According to claims, a wet floor at the restaurant caused the patron to fall. The patron, who has filed a lawsuit against the business, alleges that an employee had been cleaning and left a wet substance on the floor. The patron claims the wet substance that was left on the floor caused him to slip and fall as he was walking in the restaurant. 

The lawsuit accuses the business of negligence. The plaintiff is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. If the lawsuit is successful, the awarded damages could help him cope with the stress and trauma caused by the accident.

Business and property owners in the state of Nevada have a civic duty to keep all of their customers safe. Business owners can be held legally responsible when hazards or dangerous conditions in their stores contribute to slip-and-fall accidents, especially if the business or property owner failed to take appropriate precautions or correct a problem that led to the accident. Injuries sustained in these accidents can often lead to substantial medical bills and/or time away from work. Nevada residents who have been involved in slip-and-fall accidents greatly benefit from seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney. Much needed financial relief could be awarded as a result of a successfully litigated lawsuit.

Source:, “Patron alleges he was caused to slip and fall on a wet floor at Baskin Robbins“, Carrie Bradon, Nov. 15, 2016