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Alcohol involved in fatal pedestrian accident

Populations are on the rise in Nevada cities. An increasing population leads to an increase in the number of automobiles on roadways. For some city residents, a main source of transportation is walking, and with pedestrians and vehicles in such close proximity, the odds of a pedestrian accident occurring increase dramatically. One such accident recently claimed the life of a Las Vegas pedestrian as he attempted to push a wheelchair across a street.

What you need to understand about medical debt and bankruptcy

While the bankruptcy rate overall has been trending upward throughout Kentucky and some neighboring states, very few people slow down to take a look at the factors leading to those bankruptcies and what to do about them. If you are currently struggling with your medical bills and looking at your options, you are not alone. In fact, medical debt is one of the largest contributors to bankruptcy in the entire country, alongside wage stagnation and higher costs of living in general. While coping with one of these factors is common, when they combine, the results can easily destabilize one's entire credit.

Alleged negligent driver causes crash that kills 3

Driving is one of the most dangerous daily activities in the lives of Nevada citizens. Due to the volume of traffic on roadways these days, accidents are practically inevitable and can happen in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, not everyone is careful and focused behind the wheel, especially when alcohol is a factor. Recently, an alleged negligent driver caused an accident in Las Vegas that resulted in the deaths of three women.

Prison time awaits Reno man after drunk driving accident

Driving requires constant focus and the ability to make quick decisions behind the wheel. When alcohol is involved, driving becomes dangerous and often lethal. While under the influence of alcohol, normal brain function is delayed, and a person is typically unable to perform normally. Roadways in Nevada these days are plenty dangerous enough, but throwing alcohol into the mix is a recipe for disaster. Recently, a Reno man was convicted of driving under the influence after causing serious injuries to a pedestrian in a drunk driving accident.

Motor vehicle crash claims the life of motorcyclist

As roadways become more and more crowded in the state of Nevada, the chances of accidents occurring are drastically increasing. Unlike automobile drivers, motorcyclists are more exposed to the hazards and dangers typical of modern roadways. Motorcycles are also more difficult to see than cars or trucks, contributing to the likelihood of an accident. Because motorcyclists are so exposed, accidents involving motorcycles typically have fatal consequences. Sadly, this was the case in a recent motor vehicle crash that claimed the life of a Las Vegas motorcyclist.

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