Populations are on the rise in Nevada cities. An increasing population leads to an increase in the number of automobiles on roadways. For some city residents, a main source of transportation is walking, and with pedestrians and vehicles in such close proximity, the odds of a pedestrian accident occurring increase dramatically. One such accident recently claimed the life of a Las Vegas pedestrian as he attempted to push a wheelchair across a street.

Reports state that the victim was attempting to cross a street in a wheelchair when he was suddenly struck by an SUV about 100 feet from a crosswalk. The accident occurred during early morning hours on a busy Las Vegas street. The victim was rushed to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. According to witnesses, local pedestrians have been warned repeatedly not to cross the street at the location where the accident occurred.

The driver of the SUV, a 25 year-old Las Vegas woman, was uninjured in the collision. However, according to authorities, alcohol played a factor in the accident. The driver was charged with DUI involving death.

There are laws in place to protect pedestrians in the state of Nevada. Despite these laws, accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians continue to be a significant concern. Although modern vehicles have become safer for drivers and passengers, pedestrians remain susceptible to serious injuries, or worse, as a pedestrian accident can have very serious consequences for the victim. Victims, including the surviving families of fatal victims, could be entitled to financial relief and would greatly benefit from seeking the services of an experienced. personal injury attorney.

Source: news3lv.com, “Woman charged with DUI resulting in death in Christmas Day auto-ped“, Marvin Clemons, Dec. 25, 2016