An accident typically occurs when we least expect it. Often, when a person gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, the furthest thing from his or her mind is being involved in a crash. However, statistics show that driving is one of the most dangerous things a person can do, especially these days on crowded Nevada roadways. Recently, a tragic auto accident claimed the life of teenage boy and left the driver behind bars.

The crash occurred in Lake Mead National Recreation Area in the late afternoon hours. According to reports, the driver of a pickup truck was traveling erratically along a dirt road at a high rate of speed. Investigators say the driver lost control of the truck, causing it to flip.

Park rangers arrived on the scene and found the teenage boy had been ejected from the vehicle. Tragically, the boy died at the scene, while other passengers in the truck suffered only minor injuries. The driver truck was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

In addition to the reckless driving charge, the driver could also be facing a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court should the deceased teenager’s surviving family members choose to pursue a claim. An auto accident can be a frustrating experience, but the experience is potentially devastating for those involved through no fault of their own. Anyone in Nevada who suffers the loss of an immediate family member in an accident such as this could be entitled to an award of monetary damages through a successfully litigated civil lawsuit

Source:, “UPDATE: Coroner identifies teen in deadly crash at Lake Mead NRA“, Bryan Friesen, March 19, 2017