Its just a fact of life that accidents are going to happen. Most accidents are unexpected and often unpreventable; that’s why they are called accidents. However, some accidents can be prevented just by taking a few basic precautions. Unfortunately, property owners may fail to take necessary precautions to prevent accidents from occurring to visitors and patrons. Property owners in the state of Nevada can be held legally responsible through a premises liability claim when hazards or negligence on their property contribute to an accident.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed in another state when a woman allegedly slipped and fell on the property where she rents an apartment. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff noticed water beginning to puddle on the floor of several different areas of her apartment. Allegedly, the standing water caused the plaintiff to slip and fall in her apartment.

After some investigating, the woman claims that the water came from a leak in an adjacent apartment that the defendant failed to repair in a timely manner. The plaintiff asserts that the defendant was negligent by failing to properly maintain the property, as well as failing to remedy the situation. The plaintiff seeks damages and appropriate relief, along with attorney fees and court costs.

Property owners in the state of Nevada and across the country have an obligation to keep their property safe and free of hazards. However, when careless maintenance or hazards left on the floor cause serious injuries to visitors, a premises liability claim can be filed in civil court. Damages awarded from a successful lawsuit can provide financial relief that can be used to cover medical expenses accrued as a result of injuries.

Source:, “Woman claims she was caused to slip and fall after Cypress Run Apartments failed to repair leak“, Carrie Bradon, April 17, 2017