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Walking tips for Las Vegas tourists

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Firm News, Pedestrian Accidents | 0 comments

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas soon? Great! You should have an amazing time and, hopefully, return home with more money than you arrived with. One thing to know, though, is that many Las Vegas tourists walk. And walk. And then they walk some more. Pedestrian safety is important, so here are some ways to stay safe.

Choose sensible footwear

No matter what type of shoes you wear in Vegas, your feet are likely to get tired. The casinos are farther apart than you might think, and there is just so much to see. You know which shoes you do your best walking in, so pack them, and keep them accessible for those times you slip on other types of footwear. Crossing streets in heavy Vegas traffic becomes much easier when your feet are refreshed.

Mind your valuables

Few things are more distracting than realizing you forgot your wallet at a restaurant or wondering if the tourist who keeps bumping into you is trying to steal your necklace. Vegas traffic is erratic, and rushing back to a restaurant can prove even more dangerous than usual because your mind is focused on getting your wallet.

One solution is to be aware of traffic patterns. Check the streets before you cross, and take bridges when possible. Another is to leave as many valuables as you can at home, so there is no way they can get stolen in Vegas.

Hop on the bus

The bus system in Vegas is incredibly inexpensive, easy and accessible, particularly around the Strip. You may think that riding the bus on vacation is “uncool,” but a trip here and there just may do your feet a world of good. In fact, you get more energy for what really matters in Vegas, and there is no need to worry about whether these drivers coming down the street have adequate insurance.

Wear sunblock

A sunburn is going to cramp your casino fun. Vegas is hot and sunny much of the year, so be generous with the sunblock, and you can walk much more freely and safely.

Walk with a sober companion

If you are drinking in Vegas, have at least one “designated walker” accompany you. This person should help ensure you cross streets safely and arrive to your destinations in one piece.

Ideally, your Vegas vacation goes off without a hitch. However, if you are involved in a car accident, getting in touch with an attorney can help you better understand your rights.