In crowded Nevada cities these days, walking is a main source of transportation. Increasing populations mean more foot traffic on sidewalks and along city streets. With pedestrians and automobiles in such close proximity, accidents, though unfortunate, are almost sure to happen. Pedestrians are exposed with no protection, so when a pedestrian accident occurs, the consequences can be fatal and catastrophic. A recent accident involving a pedestrian in Reno tragically ended the life of a young girl.

Reno police recently responded to reports of a pedestrian accident during the nighttime hours on a popular Reno street. According to police reports, a young girl was attempting to cross the street mid-block. The girl was suddenly struck by a westbound car, knocking her off her feet and causing severe injury

Reports say that the girl suffered major head trauma. She was flown to a local medical center for treatment where, tragically, she died. While the investigation is still ongoing, police say that the driver may have been under the influence of drugs.

Unfortunately, an increasing population means a higher likelihood of a pedestrian accident occurring. Laws are in place in Nevada and across the country to protect pedestrians. Despite these laws, accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians continue to occur at an alarming rate. Victims of pedestrian accidents or the surviving family members of deceased victims have the right to take legal action against a driver who is deemed negligent in a manner that caused or contributed to the collision. A successfully litigated lawsuit could provide victims and families with much-needed financial relief.

Source:, “Investigation Continues After Teen Dies After Being Struck By Vehicle on Plumb Lane“, June 10, 2017